Share-Ex Quick Tour
1) What is Share-Ex?
Share-Ex stands for share and exchange, which is a 100% free platform offering unlimited social media exposure.
Share and Exchange offers to boost your presence over several social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Stumbleupon, Soundcloud and others. Other than this, you can also get thousands of real visitors to your website daily from here.
You can get unlimited
• Facebook page likes, photo likes, followers, Website Shares
• Google +1s, website shares on LinkedIn
• Twitter tweets, followers
• Pinterest followers, repins, likes
• YouTube views, Likes, subscribers
• Stumbleupon followers
• Website traffic
2) What are coins?
Coins are your currency which you use to grow your social network. To boost your social network you invite people to connect to your social media accounts and in exchange you reward something to them. Coins are used as rewards point you give in exchange of like, follows, and others you get on you social media. You can choose the number of coins to award on every exchange. You will be getting 200 coins on registration and you can earn more by liking or following pages added by other users.
3) How can I earn coins?
You can earn coins by contributing to pages added by other users. Pages can be found by clicking relevant categories in left side menu. You will be offered with the pages with their award coins mentioned. You can like, follow, or share the pages to earn the respective assigned coins. As soon as you contribute, coins are added to your account automatically.
4) Can Coins be purchased?
Yes, you can purchase coins as well. If you don’t want to like, follow, or share other pages, still wishing to get coins, we offer several affordable options to buy coins. You can find a button named “Buy Coins” on the home page which will take you to page where all the packages with their prices are listed. You can browse the rate list at http://share-ex.com/buy.php
5) What is cost per click/CPC?
CPC or cost per click is the amount of coins you wish to reward to people who contributes to your social media profiles. For free members it ranges from 1 to 10, while for VIP members it can be from 1 to 20. More the CPC you assign with your social media profile, higher it shows in the list of all pages and more exchange it receives.
6) How do I use my coins?
You can use your coins in multiple ways on Share-Ex. You can use coins to get likes, shares and follows on you social media profiles by assigning some coins per click.
If you don’t want to improve social media presence from the coins, you can convert those into money. You can convert coins into dollars and can withdraw a definite amount of money as well. In this way you can earn lots of money from Share-Ex.
7) How to get clicks faster?
You can get faster clicks by setting the CPC amount to maximum which is 10 for free members and 20 for VIP members. Higher CPC ensures that your page is shown higher above other low valued pages. It will be more visible to users and will get more clicks respectively.