Share-Ex Contest

How to be a Winner?
If you are in the first 3 Users of the Day that make the most exchanges on the site you will win Points!
How Many Points?
That depends only what you can do! If you make more exchanges you get more points ! Example: If you do 50 exchanges you get 100 points (first place)!

First Place gets twice the sum of exchanges made + BONUS 100 Points.

Place 2: Gets one and half the sum of exchanges made + BONUS 75 Points.

Place 3: Gets the sum of exchanges made + BONUS 50 Points. You do the math :)

Time left for today contest:

Winners of 2021-10-20
Scorp Scorp med1982
Wins: 126 Points! Wins: 422 Points! Wins: 93 Points!
Winners of 2021-10-19
Legalalien Legalalien wahbi
Wins: 132 Points! Wins: 420 Points! Wins: 77 Points!
Winners of 2021-10-18
mohmedzein Malur Malur
Wins: 110 Points! Wins: 390 Points! Wins: 83 Points!
Winners of 2021-10-17
Legalalien Scorp Legalalien
Wins: 110 Points! Wins: 404 Points! Wins: 300 Points!