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Here comes a great news for all Share-Ex users.

Share-Ex has launched a daily contest section on this new year’s eve to bestow its users with extra gift coins.

The Contest is for all the registered users and anyone can take part in it. There will be 3 lucky winners daily, who will be awarded with their winning gift coins. The contest will start at 00.00 AM (GMT TIME) and end at 11:59 PM (GMT TIME) daily and the top 3 users will be considered winner and they will be eligible to get the prize.

The contest is all about the number of transactions or exchanges a user do on the website. Top 3 people with maximum number of exchanges will be considered as 1st, 2nd and 3rd winner respectively, and coins will be awarded to them.
The prize will be as follows:
1st Prize : 2*Number of Exchanges Made + 100 Bonus coins
2nd Prize : 1.5*Number of Exchanges Made + 75 Bonus coins
3rd Prize : Number of Exchanges Made + 50 Bonus coins

So, take part in the contest and get a chance to earn as many coins as you can very easily.

Check out the Contest here: Share-Ex Contest

Good Luck!
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