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Good News…

Welcome the latest feature of Share-ex “Micro Jobs”

Share-ex has launched a new section of Mirco Jobs to allow its users to earn lots of more coins.
This new section includes several small jobs for the users by doing which users can earn several coins.

The jobs may range from voting for someone on a page to create and publish video or it may be any other small or bigger task depending upon the number of coins. Small the task, less will be the coins associated.

Other than earning coins, users who want to get their small tasks done, can use this platform to reach to their goals. People can add any job, according to their requirement and can get that done very soon as well.

Browse the section of micro jobs on Share-ex now and explore the opportunities to earn unlimited coins at great ease or get your tasks done from user around the world.

Check it out:

To add jobs go here:
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