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Greeting Share-Ex Users, Have a Good Day….

Hope You must be having fun using Share-Ex and must have boosted up your social media.

Here we offer one more easy way to get VIP access and unlimited extra coins for more exchanges and improved social media exposure.

Share-Ex is happy to announce its new element “Monthly Referral Contest”

The element offers a very big opportunity to get VIP access at free, and also thousands of coins free as well.

Monthly Referral Contest is about referring the website to others, where you can use your referral link to invite your friends, colleagues, employees, family members or any others to join Share-Ex through your link. Every referral will be counted and will be added to your account. User with maximum number of referrals will be declared as the winner at the end of the month.

The contest has started and anyone can take part in it. Just start bringing referrals and you will automatically be included in this contest. More the number of referral accounts through your referral link, higher the chances to win the contest. Top 10 referrers can be seen anytime at and you can be one of those by referring more.

At the end of the month, contest result will be announced and the prizes will be as follows:

1st Winner: VIP Access for 10 Days at Free + 20000 free Coins in account

2nd Winner: VIP Access for 5 Days at Free + 10000 free Coins in account

3rd Winner: VIP Access for 2 Days at Free + 5000 free Coins in account

7 runner-ups will be awarded with 2000 free coins.

So start using your referral links today and join the contest to fight for such amazing prizes.
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All Share-Ex Users, Have a Good Day….

Here is a Good News.

Share-Ex is coming up with new and attractive features and modules to allow its users to earn more coins and get more exchanges accordingly. We have launched two new sections today with the name “Facebook Post Likes” and “Facebook Post Comment”.
Both of these features are added as an extension to Facebook, where users can now earn coins by liking other’s FB post or by commenting on their post. At the same time, folks looking to get more exposure and traffic to their particular post can get unlimited likes and comments on their posts.

Start getting unlimited likes and good comments on your individual posts on Facebook now by using these 2 new features with Share-Ex. Explore the opportunities and keep using the website regularly for some more attractive and useful updates.

Check it out:

Check it out:
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Here comes a great news for all Share-Ex users.

Share-Ex has launched a daily contest section on this new year’s eve to bestow its users with extra gift coins.

The Contest is for all the registered users and anyone can take part in it. There will be 3 lucky winners daily, who will be awarded with their winning gift coins. The contest will start at 00.00 AM (GMT TIME) and end at 11:59 PM (GMT TIME) daily and the top 3 users will be considered winner and they will be eligible to get the prize.

The contest is all about the number of transactions or exchanges a user do on the website. Top 3 people with maximum number of exchanges will be considered as 1st, 2nd and 3rd winner respectively, and coins will be awarded to them.
The prize will be as follows:
1st Prize : 2*Number of Exchanges Made + 100 Bonus coins
2nd Prize : 1.5*Number of Exchanges Made + 75 Bonus coins
3rd Prize : Number of Exchanges Made + 50 Bonus coins

So, take part in the contest and get a chance to earn as many coins as you can very easily.

Check out the Contest here: Share-Ex Contest

Good Luck!
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Good News…

Welcome the latest feature of Share-ex “Micro Jobs”

Share-ex has launched a new section of Mirco Jobs to allow its users to earn lots of more coins.
This new section includes several small jobs for the users by doing which users can earn several coins.

The jobs may range from voting for someone on a page to create and publish video or it may be any other small or bigger task depending upon the number of coins. Small the task, less will be the coins associated.

Other than earning coins, users who want to get their small tasks done, can use this platform to reach to their goals. People can add any job, according to their requirement and can get that done very soon as well.

Browse the section of micro jobs on Share-ex now and explore the opportunities to earn unlimited coins at great ease or get your tasks done from user around the world.

Check it out:

To add jobs go here: